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Q. Why should I shop at Wines et al? 
A. At Wines et al, we're a family.We're here to serve and appreciate our customers, working very hard to make it easy and convenient for you to buy your favourite wine and spirits.
Q. Can I place an order over the the telephone or email?
A.Yes you can.You can call us on 07046125912, 08098073432 or email at [email protected]
Q.I do not want to make payment on your website,which other way can I make payment?
A.You can make cash payments on delivery ( if below N100,000) or make payment into our designated bank account.If you're making payment at the bank,always insist that they post your payment immediately before you leave the bank or you can pay online via internet banking.
Q.Can I get my order delivered same day?
A.Yes,we do same day delivery for orders made before 11 am in the morning.
Q.I don’t see the wine or Spirits I want on the website, is there any way you can get it?
A.Contact us and we’ll see what we can do! You may email us at [email protected] or call us at 07046125912, 08098073432.
Q.How do I know you're on your way to deliver at my place?
A.We will contact you on phone when your order has been dispatched.
Q.I want to buy in cases or cartons and no prices on your website.
A.Contact us via telephone or email for quotes.
Q.Do you deliver to my area?
A.We deliver only within Lagos.Please visit our detailed Delivery information page for locations within Lagos we deliver to.
Q.Do you offer free delivery service?
A.Yes,for orders of N20,000 and above, delivery is free while for orders below N20,000, we charge N1,000 for delivery.
Q.How long will an opened bottle of wine stay fresh?
A.Not long, maybe a few days. Once you extract the cork the wine begins to oxidize. Many whites will show the effects of this aging process within a few hours. Some reds may actually improve over a few days just sitting on your kitchen counter. Either way, place the cork or a stopper back in, and put the bottle in the fridge.
Q.How long will a bottle of wine stay fresh if I store it in my house?
A.The type of wine, the bottle size, where it has been stored before, and the location and environment you plan to store wine in all factor into the answer. If you take a bottle of recent vintage chardonnay from a reliable shop and place it into a lovely wine rack by direct light or heat it will turn to vinegar in a matter of weeks. Take the same bottle and place it on its side in a dark, quiet, cool, and humid area such as a basement or the very back of your closet and it will stay fresh for at least a year. Red wines are usually made to last longer, and some are still good after decades under the right storage conditions. Make sure your storage area is at a constant temperature, a bit cooler than normal, and away from heat or high-traffic areas.
Q.Is it true that the more expensive a wine is, the better it will be?
A.Absolutely not. Price is fairly irrelevant, especially at the ultra-premium level. You may prefer a N900 wine to a N2,500 wine; only you can determine how much that pleasure is worth. Now this is not to say that the classics such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne are not worth their sometimes exorbitant price tags. These are benchmarks and should be tasted as a point of reference, if nothing else. Many of today's wines are highly overpriced due to an inflated market. Ask your merchant to recommend wines that have hidden value; perhaps their names do not have a cult following; perhaps the too-powerful wine writers didn't care for their unique style and balance as opposed to just all muscle and brawn. Experiment, explore, keep an open mind, and keep a journal so you remember what your discoveries are!
Q.Is wine good for my health?
A.Medical researches have acknowledged that wine is a part of a healthy lifestyle. And they recommend a glass a day (two for men) with a meal, even to senior citizens. Wine is good for you in moderation if consumed with food, if you enjoy relatively good health, and if you are not predisposed to alcoholism. Red wine in particular has the added bonus of phenolics, cancer-fighting antioxidants that may help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and to lower cholesterol.You can read more on our blog, https://winesetalng.blogspot.com .
Q.What about sulfites?
A.All wines contain traces of sulfites, which are a natural by-product of grape fermentation. Sulfites are mistakenly blamed for wine hangovers, which are a result of dehydration. Asthmatics are cautioned to refrain from all products known to have sulfites, including potatoes, dried fruits, and bottled mineral water. All of these items have more sulfites in their standard serving size than an average glass of bottle-finished dry red wine.
Q.What are tannins?
A.Coming from the grape skins, phenols are a form of tannins. The other form of tannins in wine is from oak barrels; these are called wood tannins and can leave your palate feeling like you just chewed on a two-by-four. Wine tannins give a mouth-puckering quality that seems, at first, unpleasant. This is why many people prefer white or blush wines. They are smooth, and sweet, and voluptuously round and soft. But at the table, those wine tannins provide a pleasant contrast to the richness of your meal.Drinking green tea or eating red grapes, especially the skins, is another way to get those healthy phenols into your system.
Q.What is the difference between Cognac, Armagnac, and Brandy?
A.The best brandies are those from the officially delimited regions of Cognac and Armagnac in France, and Jerez in Spain. Just like most other products in the world, the more unique the origin, the more unique the final product. Cognac is considered the ultimate brandy, and the best are sublime. Armagnac has a more rustic, fiery personality. Spanish brandies are harder to find, but are worth the search. Look for Brandy de Jerez under various brand names. These bottlings are about half the price of Armagnac and sometimes a fraction of the cost of Cognac.