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Planning a large party, whether for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or retirement and trying to work out what they all drink and how far it will go? Give us a call, 07046125912, 08098073432, so we can remove the stress of it all with some simple suggestions based on years of experience (this service is free) or you can read our online Party Planning Guide below which is a distillation of this knowledge, created to ensure that you have all the ingredients you need to throw a fantastic party.What could be easier?
Champagne and Sparkling Wine
If it's a special occasion, or you want to get your celebrations started with a swing, you can't beat a glass of Champagne. At Wines et al we're real sparkling specialists and always include a wide range of fantastic Champagne .When choosing champagne, sweet is usually better.
A standard sized bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine (75cl) will provide 6 flutes. For a wedding reception or toast you'll need 2-3 glasses per person. So for 100 guests you'll need at least 100 x 2 glasses = 200 flutes, or 34 bottles.
Consider using a big-name Champagne for toasts and a more cost-effective, great tasting sparkling wine for further drinking.
Here you are ideally looking for versatile wines that broadly match the food and are good crowd pleasers. This way you will steer clear of obvious food and wine clashes and appeal to a wider audience at the same time.
As a general rule, allow half a bottle per person then add a margin for safety.
A standard sized bottle of wine (75cl) will provide 6 small wine glasses (125ml). So one case of wine (12 bottles) will provide 72 glasses. So for 100 guests you'll need 100 x 3 glasses = 300 glasses, or 50 bottles.
Preferences for red and white wines are usually evenly split, but be aware of seasonal variations (in warmer weather allow for more white than red, and vice versa when it's cooler) and don't forget about rosé!
Spirits & Liquor Serving Sizes
750 ml = 17 mixed drinks
1 liter = 21 mixed drinks
Expect 50% of your guests to drink 2 mixed drinks.
Have a Rum,Gin, Vodka, & Whiskey,Cognac and Vodka being the most popular and versatile.
Don't forget mixers- juice, soda, tonic.
Don't forget the Non-Alcoholic wines for the non alcoholic drinkers.